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         This May 12, 2017 article and video on the soon coming 5G technology provides a lot of good information and insight on what 5G is, how it works, and on the health hazards it will bring with it. I strongly recommend that we educate ourselves and those around us about this. It is our environment that is being changed without our full knowledge in terms of its effects on human, animal, and plant life on this planet!

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         In this September 24, 2017 video interview of Dr. Joseph Mercola by Bulletproof Radio host Dave Asprey, Dr. Mercola explains the molecular mechanisms by which human and animal cells are affected by mircrowave radiation (EMFs). He also suggests some remediation.
         Towards the end of the video and the written summary there is a presentation about an RF meter. I do not recommend this particular meter.  

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         This article (October 15, 2016) by Jeromy Johnson clearly outlines the various types of Smart Meters and how to tell which kind you have. It also describes how each of them works. It is clear that the analog meter is by far the best choice.

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         Mainstream US scientists and doctors have corroborated results from independent researchers in 39 countries which prove that radiation from cellphones and other wireless devices is causing brain damage in unborn and young children.

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         Which airlines are the worst offenders? This article describes the various forms of EMF radiation that we are subjected to when flying in an airplane, and lists all the airlines from worst to best in terms of EMF radiation in the cabin.

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         It's encouraging to see the ever-growing science that shows us the reality of the truth that high-frequency microwave radiation (cell phone, Wi-Fi, and smart meter radiation) are most likely not good for our health. It is with this in mind that this article is being added to this website. It is noteworthy, however, that these tests were done with the radiation exposure of only nine hours a day, when the reality is that we are being exposed 24/7.

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        There's nothing like experience to teach us. And it's true that other people's experience can be very useful for us. This Ted Talk is a prime example. Jeromy Johnson, a young, successful Silicon Valley engineer, shares with us what his life has become because of the negative and permanent health effects cell phones, wi-fi, and smart meters have had on his body. For most of us to acknowledge the threat of w-fi radiation, we have to have Jeromy's experience be our own. In my work with many people sick from EMF exposure, they would give a lot not to be one of those people. 

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        Although this book was published in 2015, I am leaving it in this category of Recent Publications because the information in it is timeless. This book is full of still up-to-date information on the truths and the deceptions of what you hear about the safety of EMFs, especially high-frequency digital EMFs, as in all Wi-Fi appliances, cell phones, cell towers, and smart meters. There's a lot of clear, well-documented science here.

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