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Q. Is wi-fi dangerous to your health?
Your wi-fi transmitter/receiver is like a cell phone tower so, yes, it is dangerous to your health. Your  wi-fi computer both sends and receives signals to and from your wi-fi transmitter, and in order for your computer keyboard and mouse to be wireless they must all transmit a microwave signal to your computer. The closer you are to your wi-fi transmitter/receiver the more radiation you are getting. The best way to avoid this radiation is to go back to using wired computers, and give up wi-fi. An EMF service provider, like me, could do this for you.
      If giving up wi-fi seems too difficult for you to do, it is best to keep your wi-fi transmitter as far away from your bedroom and your place of work as possible and still have it work. It’s also a good idea to simply turn off your wi-fi when you’re not using your computer, as in, at least, when you sleep. Also, your wi-fi unit can be shielded.
      It’s true that you are affected by other people’s wi-fi transmitters/receivers in the buildings around you. This is more of an issue, however, if you live in an apartment building where there are people above, below, or beside you, because these apartment wi-fi units are much closer to you than the ones in the separate buildings around you. Fortunately it is possible to shield yourself from microwave radiation from smart meters, cell phones, wi-fi, etc., and this is one of the services we provide.

      Click on the blue heading to watch the video lecture, and read a summary of Dr. Pall's findings, as well as a flood of other scientific research.
      This video of the October 18, 2014 lecture by Professor Martin Pall, PhD, professor of Biochemistry and Basic Medical Science at Washington State University at Pullman, is extremely good because it shows that the harmful effects of wi-fi and other EMFs have been known for quite some time now. Also, between then and now, many more independent scientific studies have confirmed Dr. Pall's findings. Click here to see, for example, the evidence presented on my "Show Me the Science!" page.

(Click on the blue heading to read the article.)
      In December 2011, Dr. David O. Carpenter, M.D., Director of the Institute for Health and the Environment at the University at Albany, and an EMF (Electromagnetic Field) subject matter expert, authored an amended declaration on behalf of the plaintiff in Morrison v. Portland Public Schools documenting his view of the impact wi-fi radiation has on children attending school. Carpenter’s declaration is richly filled with information on the biological effects of wi-fi radiation, and his concerns about the safety of wireless devices in schools. He recommends wired solutions, as opposed to wi-fi as a way to safeguard children, and maximize learning.
      As you can see, this information is not new, and there is a great deal of even more recent information which strongly supports the negative impact of high frequency radiation on children.

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