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      The January 23rd Planning Commission Meeting to approve or deny the installation of 13 cellular antennas throughout the Monte Vista neighborhood in Monterey, California has been postponed.

      When the date of the next meeting becomes available, it will be posted here.

      Please note: 72 hours prior to the meeting time, click here, then scroll down to the meeting date on the calendar, and click on "Planning Commission Meeting," to be sure that the meeting will be taking place, and to view the agenda materials.

      The Monterey, California City Planning Commission meets on the second and fourth Tuesday of the month at 4 p.m. and 7 p.m. in the Council Chamber, 580 Pacific Street. Meetings are broadcast live on the Monterey Channel and streamed on the web.

      Contact the Planning Office:
      Voice: (831) 646-3885
      Colton Hall
      570 Pacific Street
      Monterey, CA 93940

      Planning Commission Members:

      Stephen Millich (Chair)
      Michael Dawson (Vice Chair)
      Michael Brassfield
      Sam Ezekiel
      Daniel Fletcher
      Terry Latasa
      Hansen Reed

         In this August, 2017 letter to the California Legislators as they were considering Senate Bill 649 (erecting 5G cellular antennas), Dr. Martin Pall, PhD, concisely detailed the negative health effects of radiation from present wireless communication devices, and the further and irreparable damage 5G antennas would cause to all human, plant, and animal DNA.
         Click here to read Dr. Pall's letter.
         Click here to watch the video and/or download the transcript of Dr. Pall's January 8th, 2018 interview with Dr. Joseph Mercola.

(Click on the blue heading above to read the article and watch the video.)
         Posted by Lloyd Burrell on his website,, on May 12, 2017 this article and video on the soon coming 5G technology provides a lot of good information and insight on what 5G is, how it works, and on the health hazards it will bring with it. I strongly recommend that we educate ourselves and those around us about this. It is our environment that is being changed without our full knowledge in terms of its effects on human, animal, and plant life on this planet!

      The following two comments from concerned Monte Vista neighborhood residents say it all. They also suggest actions you can take to resist the installations of these antennas.

Proposed Cell Towers Next to Schools in Monte Vista Neighborhood

      Hello everyone. I would like to reach out to parents of students who attend Monte Vista Elementary, Colton Middle School, and Monterey High.
      I wonder if you are aware that a decision will be made at a meeting of the Monterey City Planning Commission whether or not to approve permits for Verizon to install 13 cellular antennas throughout the Monte Vista neighborhood, dangerously near three public schools and two preschools within our neighborhood.
      All of the antennas are employing a new technology that emits a much higher frequency and wattage of microwave emissions, far beyond those used in conventional towers. They are using our residential neighborhood as a trial, we believe, to get ahead of the competition in getting ready for big money making 5g service. As a Verizon customer I can vouch for already excellent service in this neighborhood.
      Verizon is doing the same thing in Piedmont and they are fighting back. Their City Council denied 5 permits of the same sort of towers near schools.
      If these permits get issued, our neighborhood will be blanketed in non-ionizing radiation which poses health risks, especially for children and young people. The Monte Vista neighborhood will be exposed 24/7 but even if you don’t live in this neighborhood, your child spends at least six hours a day in affected schools. One of the antennas would be 200 feet from Monte Vista School. Two towers will be adjacent to Monterey High School, right outside classrooms. Another one or two are near to Colton Middle. 
      Please notify fellow parents, begin writing letters to the Planning Commission and City Council and come to the Planning Commission’s meeting on Nov. 28th, 4:00, in Council Chambers at Colton Hall to express your demand for denial of permits for these dangerous towers in our residential neighborhoods. Students are free to attend and speak as well. There is too much at stake to stay home.

Distributive Antennas System Video
      Click here to watch the video.

      San Francisco did fight back. They won an important case at trial and on appeal that restored the balance of regulatory control over wireless installations that now is legal precedent for all of California. The court in T-Mobile West LLC v. City and County of San Francisco (2016) held that municipalities may deny permits on aesthetic grounds when such installations incommode the public use and quiet enjoyment of neighborhood residential roads and right-of-ways.
      Permits for invasive DAS antennas have been denied in Newport Beach and elsewhere. Just two weeks ago permits were denied for six such installations in Piedmont. City governments are able to stop this obnoxious and ubiquitous technology in residential neighborhoods if their citizenry insist that they don’t give in to the bullying tactics and veiled threats from this trillion dollar industry.
      For over a decade Verizon has provided seamless calling and data transmission throughout Monterey and within the Monte Vista Neighborhood. The signal is coming from a distant tower in a non-residential area. It emits low frequency and low wattage radio frequency emissions. The longer wavelengths allow it to provide excellent service but from a distance in a non-invasive less dangerous manner.
      If DAS antennas are given the green light by the city, the city will be legally required to give access to all of Verizon’s competitors. This grant will extend not just to one neighborhood, but to all.
      Did you know that the nearby presence of cell antennas is a legally required disclosure to potential buyers? Just ask any realtor. The reason this is so is because it is recognized as a condition which distresses the value of a property. If given the choice, who would chose a home adjacent to a cell antenna emitting 24/7 microwave radiation?
      I have visited all 13 of the proposed sites. You can’t believe how close they are to schools and homes. I have spoken to upset residents who live in those homes. Sharing your concerns with Verizon is unlikely to make a difference. Share them with City officials whose responsibility it is to represent and protect you.
      At the October 5 hearing, Verizon’s representatives listened to hours of public input against this proposal. Did they rescind their applications? Did the city deny the permits? Not yet. 
      They told us a decision would be made on Nov. 14. Instead that date is being used to give Verizon reps another crack at “explaining” the necessity of this project. I think the eighty or more people at the Oct. 5 meeting already got enough information after listening to Verizon reps explain it all to us for hours at the original hearing. We were not convinced.

      Both of the above comments are posted on Nextdoor. Click here to go to Nextdoor for many additional comments about the proposed cell antennas.

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