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Tony Keppelman EMF Services specializes in Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs) management, providing consultation for safe levels of magnetic fields in homes, schools, and businesses.

Tony Keppelman EMF Services helps transform
your home, school, and/or work environment
into a healthier place.
Our services include consultation on the safety of EMF fields for your family and animals: you will learn what levels are safe and what exposure time is acceptable.

 We do:

  • Technical assessment of the EMFs (Electromagnetic fields) in your environment: Measuring the amounts of digital and analog microwave radiation (Microwave Ovens, Cell phones, Wi-Fi and Smart Meters), and magnetic and electric fields created by devices in and around your home. That can also include assessment of proximity to cell phone towers and radio/TV towers, military and police transmitters, etc.

  • Assessment of high frequency transient electricity (also called "Dirty Electricity") that is in your home (wireless phones, TV) and the power lines. We will work with you to assess and reduce the levels of "Dirty Electricity" that you are exposed to.

  • Measurement of skin voltage. The body works like an antenna (aerial). By measuring the skin voltage we obtain the energy level being picked up by the body. With this information, in combination with the EMF assessment above, we will recommend steps that can be taken to reduce exposure, and bring your radiation reading down to safe levels.

Tony Keppelman is also available for lectures and presentations for the purpose of education.

Contact Info:

Tony Keppelman

831-204-3982  (This is a land line, so it cannot receive text messages.)

PO Box 22578               
Carmel CA 93922

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