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"5G Crisis Summit"

     Although the free run of the 5G Crisis Summit is over, the Summit is still available for purchase. (Neither Tony Keppelman, nor Carol Kuzdenyi, nor this website receives any compensation for your purchase of the 5G Crisis Summit.)


     Presented by Josh del Sol, director of the documentary Take Back Your Power, and Sayer Ji, founder of, the "5G Crisis Summit" consists of 40 in-depth interviews with experts in wireless radiation, and covers all aspects of 5G, including:


• the harmful physical, mental, and emotional effects of microwave radiation on people, plants, and animals;

• the status of the 5G rollout in the US and around the world, and what we need to do to stop it;

• 5G's use in surveillance capitalism, which is already happening globally;

• 5G's use in weaponry, which has been going on for decades; and

• 5G's connection to the pandemic.


    Click here to purchase online access to the Summit. When the 5G Summit purchase page comes up, scroll all the way down to see the photos of all 40 speakers and the topics of their interviews.


    The Summit is hosted by a site called Health Means. The site is a little tricky, but just scroll down to the bottom, and click on the 5G Summit logo to access the interviews. You will be able to watch them in any order, whenever you want. And you can re-watch them, of course, so you can show them to other people. They will be yours forever!


     We highly recommend this Summit, and hope you can make time to watch it.

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