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5G — Other Issues

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         This Nov 16, 2019 article in Business Insider magazine relates astronomers’ descriptions of how 42,000 5G satellites — yes . . . Musk has applied for 30,000 more — will make astronomy from earth impossible. Instead of asking Musk not to launch the satellites, however, astronomers are just asking him to use a different frequency.

         The article also deals with the huge problem of space junk.

         It also has some very good graphics.

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         In this sobering 26-minute video, James Corbett explains how the issues of surveillance and complete loss of privacy are inherent in 5G and the Internet of Things. He says, "5G is not just a neutral mobile network. It is the backbone for a system of total surveillance, which has been written about and worked toward for the better part of a century."

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         In this June 29, 2019 Wall Street Journal article, Christopher Mims explains why 5G technology is already costing, and will continue to cost, huge amounts of money. The reasons are technical. They include the costs of the unbelievable amount of fiber-optic cable that will be necessary, digging holes in the streets many times over, getting permits, making deals with landowners, and installing hundreds of thousands of antennas.

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         In this very revealing May 23, 2019 article, Time magazine examines why and how China and the United States (the two biggest economies in the world) are racing against each other to roll out 5G. 

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         July 27, 2019. This thoughtful and hopeful article by Claire Edwards offers some great insights. 

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