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5G Webinar: "Space Wars"

    The recording of Part 1 (the first hour) of the August 13, 2020 "5G Space Wars" webinar is now available. Click here to listen to it.

    This webinar is VERY interesting. Amazing information is given about what kinds of satellites are already in space besides the 5G sats that are being deployed. There are already tens of thousands of objects in space — some being tracked, some not; some smaller than four inches in diameter. Sputnik was only 58 cm (23.8 inches) in diameter. There is also info about what is being done to stop the 5G satellites.


    Each speaker talks for 15 minutes.

First, Ben Levi describes the current satellite situation in detail — how many satellites, and how they work. Besides its satellites, SpaceX has asked for 5 million base stations. These will be mounted on people’s rooftops.

    To show how the satellites affect astronomy, Ben presents a time-lapse photo showing 30 5G satellites and the Neowise comet. At 8:06 he also gives a link to a time-lapse movie of the photo.


    Next, Joe Sandri describes the types of orbits (distances from the earth) and the current orbital congestion and space debris. He also describes the impact of satellites on gravity and life forms, especially trees (at 24:21), and points out that no one will be liable for any damage caused by the “catastrophic failure” or purposeful destruction of any of the satellites.


    Arthur Firstenberg speaks third, and beautifully but unmistakenly tells it like it is concerning wireless transmissions.


    Lastly, Attorney Julian Gresser says we are at an “Historic, Heroic Moment.” He details his legal plan of action to stop 5G in the courts — his Petition for Expedited Rulemaking, and a request for a moratorium because of national security issues involved in the 5G satellites. He says the government is not a monolith, but a bunch of agencies.


     At 1:12:00 Gresser asks for support in this legal effort to restore "wisdom, heart, and balance.” If you wish to support this legal action, click here.


    We hope you can make time to listen to this presentation. It is very eye-opening, to say the least.

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