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"5G Crisis Summit" 

      The "5G Crisis Summit" is no longer free online, but it is still available for purchase, and I highly recommend it.

      Click here to buy online access to the Summit. Down below the purchase details (scroll way down) is a photo gallery of all 40 experts, including the topic of their interview, and their website link.

Three of the speakers are: Kevin MottusPatrick WoodClaire Edwards.

      Kevin Mottus hits the nail on the head with a very clear presentation of how and why we got to where we are now with wireless technology, and what we—all of us—need to do to stop the rollout of 5G. He also explains the reasons why we need to stop 5G.
      Kevin mentions this recent segment on "60 Minutes" about American government workers stationed in China who were diagnosed with brain traumas after being assaulted with microwave radiation. These energy weapons are in the 5G (fifth generation) range of frequencies, which are from about 24 GHz to 90 GHz (gigahertz). One GHz is one billion cycles per second. Military establishments, including ours, have been using these energy weapons since the 1960s.
      Click here to watch the "60 Minutes" segment. (It's not part of the Summit.) Scroll down below the video to read the transcript.

      In Josh del Sol’s interview with Patrick Wood we learn the history of Technocracy—what it is and its connection to 5G. Patrick describes the plan for an economy based on energy consumption and surveillance. And who is behind all this.

      Claire Edwards  gives a very good overview of what has happened regarding 5G in various countries around the world during the past year. And towards the end of the interview she explains how 5G could be the vehicle for humanity’s recapturing the spiritual essence of ourselves which many of us have lost—love, compassion, empathy, family, relationships, creativity, freedom. Claire says the challenges of 5G force us to look inside ourselves, and force us to grow.



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