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Monterey Successfully Resists Cell Towers

      The city of Monterey, California has successfully resisted Verizon/ExteNet Systems' attempt to install 13 cell towers in the Monte Vista neighborhood.

      Click here to read Nina Beety's account of the strategy Monterey residents used at the City Planning Commission's meeting on March 15, 2018. Here's an excerpt:
          "It takes a team of people to fight these antennas, to be able to spot technical errors and staff factual errors in city and county staff reports. Every single deviation from the general plan and zoning ordinances, including the wireless ordinance, should be spelled out. Here, people wrote up all the deviations, violations, and errors, and then divided it up into 3 minute comments. So much information was put into the record that way, and the Planning Commission had so much information and so many points on which to deny."

      Click here to watch the video of the meeting.

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