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EMFs, Pregnant Moms and Fetuses

Q. Can EMFs affect a baby while it's still in its mother’s womb?

A. Very definitely. And in a very harmful way, as you will see in the studies below.

       Unlike an adult’s body, which is fully formed and functioning properly, a fetus spends a long time in development. Independent studies have shown that exposure to wireless radiation does indeed change the DNA of children and adult bodies. In the developing body of a fetus, the DNA damage means the body could be malformed as well as malfunctioning. DNA alteration can affect everything—the child’s brain, nervous system, eyesight, hearing, speech, digestion, breathing, heart rhythm.... There is nothing that isn’t affected in a fetus by EMFs.

       One specific effect is how wireless radiation breaks the blood-brain barrier. This barrier keeps harmful things like pathogens and metals out of the brain. Flu shots are mandated for pregnant women, and these vaccines contain thimerosal, a preservative containing mercury. The fetus receives everything the mother receives in the vaccine via the umbilical cord, and if the blood-brain barrier is broken in the child, the mercury can enter the baby’s brain. Mercury in the brain causes autism, which has risen dramatically in recent years. From 1 in 168 children in 2004, it is now 1 in 40. Click here to see the data.

       Science is increasingly showing that there is no safe level for man-made radiation, so keep yourself and your baby away from EMFs as much as possible. Don’t carry your cell phone anywhere on your body. Some cell phone models still irradiate when they're turned off. In fact, no cell phone usage during the entire pregnancy is the best, most loving, and safest thing you can do for your baby. And this includes not even being near people who have cell phones on them, because wireless radiation travels a great distance.

        (Click on the blue heading above to read the studies.)

Here are some of the more recent scientific studies conducted by independent researchers from around the world concerning the biological effects of RF radiation on fetal and newborn development. 

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