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Smart Meters

Q. What are "smart meters"?

A. "Smart meters" are radio devices that receive and transmit signals to and from the utility companies. These meters work in a grid system, transmitting signals from one meter to another like a daisy chain, and then, finally, to the utility company. Smart meters use microwave digital technology — the same kind of technology that is used for wi-fi and cell phones. At this point smart meters are mainly being used to measure the use of electricity and gas.

      One of the concerns about smart meters is the EMF microwave radiation they emit. Given that smart meters are installed on every home and business that uses electricity and/or gas, and that smart meters operate 24/7, smart meters are creating an environment of continuous radiation. And not only are you affected by your own house meter, but also by the meters on the houses around you.

      The utility companies tell us that smart meters operate only a minute or so a day. This is misleading because the information that smart meters send to the company is sent in a strong but very short pulse. You could fit thousands of these pulses into a minute. Smart meters emit these pulses all through the day, and these strong pulses are proving to be very damaging to your health.

      There are many scientific studies dealing with the health concerns of smart meter radiation. The links to some of these are listed below.

Q. What if I live in an apartment complex?

A. In terms of smart meters, one may well be affected by the smart meters that serve the other apartments. Fortunately, in most cases, these meters can be shielded so that the radiation is at a controlled, safer level. Click here to read the accounts offered by two of my clients — one, concerning the smart meters on all the vehicles in his mobile home park, and the other, concerning the smart meters on her apartment building.  

   (Click on the blue heading above to watch this September, 2015 interview.)

         In this five-minute video, Dr. Elizabeth Plourde describes in very clear detail how electromagnetic frequencies cause damage, including autism, in the body. She also discusses how she herself was affected by EMFs.

         Dr. Plourde is a licensed Clinical Laboratory Scientist with degrees in Biological Science and Psychology.

   (Click on the blue heading above to watch the video.)

        Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, PhD, has been specializing in treating people with chronic diseases. He also has many patients who are children with autism. Unlike Western medical practice, which has not been addressing these chronic diseases, Dr. Klinghardt has spent years looking for the causes of these new, 21st-century illnesses—chronic fatigue syndrome, for example. What he has to say about EMFs, smart meters, wi-fi, and the new energy-saving light bulbs, is truly eye-opening, especially his discovery that “the womb concentrates electromagnetic radiation multiple-fold above what is measured on the outside of a woman’s body" (32:00 in the video).

      In this awards-winning 2013 documentary, filmmaker Josh del Sol travels far and wide to see why people all over the world are getting sick from smart meters. The film presents an amazingly in-depth look at the negative health effects of smart meters in particular, and wi-fi in general. Along the way, Josh discovers the true function of smart meters and the inherent dangers of the smart meter grid. 

     Click on the blue heading above to watch the film for free on Amazon Prime.

     Click here to rent ($4.99) or buy ($10.99) the film on iTunes.

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     Click here to watch it free on YouTube, although it is being shown in an auditorium in which there is background noise going on.

(Click on the blue heading to read the article and watch the two videos.)

      Warren Woodward, a specialist in smart meter microwave transmission power, used himself as a guinea pig in two sets of experiments to find out whether or not smart meter transmissions affect human heart function. Each experiment is on a separate video. Scroll down past the text underneath the first video to view the second video.

(Click on the blue heading to read Dr. Carpenter's article, and see the names of the 53 international expert scientists who support his findings.)

       On May 24, 2012 a group of Quebec engineers, physicists, and chemists published an open letter in the Montreal daily Le Devoir claiming that wireless smart meters pose no risk to public health. Not wanting this gross misinformation to go unchallenged, Quebec-based magazine La Maison du 21e siecle asked physician David O. Carpenter to comment on this letter. (Dr. Carpenter is the former founding dean of the University at Albany (NY)’s School of Public Health.)

      Dr. Carpenter wrote a rebuttal to the Quebec scientists' letter, and his rebuttal was signed and endorsed by 53 expert scientists from around the world.

(Click on the blue heading to read the article.)

      More than 50 scientists and medical professionals from 20 countries call for precaution regarding deployment of wireless “smart meters."

(Click on the blue heading to read the articles.)

       Posted on March 25, 2011 by David Dilworth.

(Click on the blue heading to read the article.)

       11 scientists present evidence attesting to the danger of deploying smart meters in California.

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