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About Me

Tony Keppelman, EMF Consultant   

      I have been interested in electricity since I was seven years old, and because of my sensitivity to EMFs, I have been studying electrical energy issues for the last 38 years. 

      In an effort to educate people concerning the health issues connected to the electrical fields in their home and in their place of work, I provide consultation to assess and help reduce the strength of electromagnetic fields to a safe level.

      I am aware that there is a lot of confusion around the safety of electromagnetic radiation (EMF) and the levels that are safe or not safe. I am available to discuss your immediate questions, but am also able deliver lectures on Electromagnetic Fields. Topics include radiation from cell phones, cell phone towers, smart meters, wi-fi, baby monitors, 5G, and much more.

      Tony Keppelman EMF Services is located in Carmel, CA, but provides consultation to a wide radius area, including the San Francisco Bay Area, Santa Cruz, and the southern California coast. My services are also available in other states.

      Additionally, phone consultations can be arranged, so that I can help you find solutions to your situation, and help educate you and/or your electrician to carry out what is necessary to protect you and the ones you love from the radiation in your environment. 

       Voice: 831-204-3982 (This is a land line, so I cannot receive text messages.)


       PO Box 22578, Carmel CA 93922

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