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       BY THE TIME I found Tony on the internet I was a few hundred dollars in debt, having purchased a Coronet RF Meter in anticipation of having 50 smart meters installed in my very small rural mobile home park within the next two weeks. I had the week prior, received my very first and only notice of Pacific Power's intent to force this unknown (to me) technology upon, well, every citizen in Oregon, now. So I did what any thinking person would do — I got on my laptop and educated myself. I learned a lot, very quickly. I was faced with moving or being subjected to insane amounts of microwave radiation. I could afford to do neither. A no-win situation, until out of desperation I reached out to Tony by phone, hoping for ... what? A bone of hope, advice….

       I began vomiting my desperate plight over the telephone to this EMF expert, informing him I would have to go further into debt to formally enlist his advice. He assured me that because my home was made of metal that I could, with the help of my Coronet, some aluminum screening, a staple gun, duct tape, and good ole heavy duty aluminum foil, turn my metal home into a sort of Faraday Cage, thus remediating most of the effects of the smart meter radiation.

       I had already accepted the extortion package ($135.00 fee plus $37.00 monthly increase) offered by Pacific Power which allowed me to "opt out" and keep my reliable analog meter. I was the only one who chose this in the park, however.

       Tony spent literally hours educating me about the technology and science as well as sharing very specific instructions as to how to attach and properly ground the requisite aluminum products to effectively shield against the 24/7 bath of electrosmog that now constantly envelops my neighborhood. My bedroom is now a 100% Faraday Cage (my cell phone does not work when the bedroom door is closed), and the rest of the space very close and getting closer every day as I continue to follow the shielding principles that Tony shared with me.

       Tony never charged me a cent for sharing his vast and practical knowledge, not to mention his very clear moral support. He has made a profound and concrete contribution to my health and overall outlook, and that of my small dog, Lucy. He has my permission to, and it is my desire that he post this small token of my gratitude on his website for all to see in the hope that my story will help others better financially able than I, to decide to formally enlist his paid support during their time of need. He also has my permission to share my home phone number whenever he sees fit.

                                                                                                             —John Gibson



       TONY KEPPELMAN has solved two big radiation problems for me. The first has to do with the radiation from my smart meters.

       I live in a building that includes two other apartment units. PG&E's smart meters for all three units are on the outside of my bathroom walls.

        My bathroom is a corner room. Consequently, I have three electric smart meters on the outside of my south wall, and three gas smart meters on the outside my west wall.

       I would willingly have paid PG&E the required $75 installation fee and the $10 a month recurring fee to opt out of smart meters for my apartment, but it would have been pointless because the smart meters for the other two units would still be on my walls.

       On top of that, the smart meters from the house next door were sending radiation right into my kitchen, so the radiation reading in my apartment was 700% above the "safe" level.

       To opt out of all these smart meters and make my apartment safe again, I would have had to pay PG&E an up-front fee of $300 ($75 x 4) plus a recurring monthly fee of $40 ($10 x 4).

       Were there any other options?

       I called Tony Keppelman, and he designed and constructed covers for all these smart meters. The metal covers direct the radiation away from my apartment. Happily, my next door neighbor allowed me to put covers on the smart meters on his house, too. Now the radiation level in my apartment has dropped well below the 700% it had risen.

      The cost for Tony Keppelman's solution to my smart meter problem was far less than what it would have been had I opted out of PG&E's smart meter installation.

      I am also delighted that Tony's covers are so unobtrusive. They look like they came with the smart meters!

      The second problem Tony solved for me was the excessive amount of radiation my body was picking up from the wiring that runs under the floor of my living room and my bedroom. This was a pretty easy fix. In my situation, I was able just to turn off the two pertinent electrical circuits when I sit in the living room to watch TV, and when I go to bed at night.

       Thank you, Tony!                                                                              

                                                                                                             —Carol Kuzdenyi

                                                                                                               Pacific Grove, California


       I CALLED Tony Keppelman to measure the EMF situation at my house where I spend a significant amount of time, since I work from home. I have a type of bone marrow cancer and wanted to understand how the EMF was affecting me.

       Tony came and spent about 2 hours measuring all the different types of EMF radiation in my home (from wi-fi, wireless phones, cell phone, computer screens, microwave ovens, the wiring in my house, etc.) The measurements were very informative, and I understood that the wi-fi transmitter I had at my workstation/office needed to be moved farther away to reduce my exposure.

       In addition to that, we found which room, and which part of that room had the lowest EMF radiation, where it would ultimately be a safe place to sleep.

       We measured my skin voltage at the different areas of the house, and I saw how much I was actually picking up from the different fields I was in. My body acts as an antenna, and depending where I was in the house, and what I was close to (wi-fi transmitter, for example) I picked up more or less radiation.

       I learned much, and took steps to reduce my exposure. There is a lot more I can do, and I hope to eventually take more actions such as some house re-wiring, that will mediate the EMF effects, but just having this information is very powerful. I would recommend the consultation, even if you just want the information. It is good to know more rather than less, and now I can take action.

                                                                                                             —Bob Viener

                                                                                                                Berkeley, California


       I HAVE KNOWN Tony Keppelman for over forty years and have found him to be one of the most sensitive, deeply caring, as well as perceptive people I have ever met. He is apt to be aware of things long before the rest of the world is. Not only aware, but he acts. Thus, for example, he was actively supporting organic farmers long before it became somewhat fashionable to do so. His work in the energy fields was begun as a teenager working in an electronics store. Energy in all its forms has been the major vocation of his life.  

        So when he spoke to me about Smart Meters and EMFs, topics I knew relatively little about (Smart Meters had been installed on my house more or less without my even knowing it, or knowing of any possible side effects they might bring), I was intrigued and began to do a little research on my own.

        Tony visited me, bringing his various meters and showed me how much EMF radiation was coming into as well as being produced in my home. With a simple metal sleeve of his design fitted over the meter, the readings were astoundingly much lower. And then, with my neighbor’s permission (since his meter faced my house), another sleeve, in this case angled away from both houses, was put on his meter, which let the radiation dissipate out into the street, thus helping both my neighbor and me.

        We measured everything in the house: living room, kitchen, office, and especially the bedroom, discovering that a simple switching off of one of the circuit breakers for the bedroom at night before we went to bed changed the readings dramatically to put my wife and me into the ‘safe’ zone. Moving wires, putting in land-line telephones where we could, repositioning computers, all have helped lower levels of radiation.  

        There is much more to be done. But Tony has been extraordinarily helpful in supporting our desire for a healthful environment. I strongly suggest and recommend him for almost anyone who cares about their living situation and the dangers of EMFs that more and more surround us. I doubt, as a culture, we will soon be giving up cell phones, computers, wi-fi, televisions, stereo systems or home theatres, microwaves, and all the attractive electrical tools we have developed. But to use them intelligently, sometimes sparingly, and making some fairly simple adjustments … all of this is in our best interest.

       Tony can help anyone who cares or is willing to learn about all of the worrisome and unexpected side effects of our technology, and he can solve many of the potential problems at a tiny fraction of the cost it would take for PG&E (for example) or anyone else to do anything, not to mention the potential health costs doing nothing will certainly bring in the future.

                                                                                                             —Bill Mayer

                                                                                                                Berkeley, California


       I SPEND a lot of time working at home and never paid much attention to the possible effects of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) on my health and well-being until after reading about them on the internet.

       I contacted Tony Keppelman in the hopes that he would be able to assess my living environment to determine the extent of EMF exposure and what I can do about it.

       Tony was incredibly thorough in testing my home office, living room, bed room, kitchen, and other areas of the house for EMFs. By testing my skin voltage, he also determined the extent to which my body is actually exposed to EMF radiation in different areas of the house.

       What I appreciated most was Tony's extensive knowledge, his clear explanations of the tests and results, and most importantly, his recommendations as to what I can do to reduce EMF exposure.

The levels of EMFs were very high in my home office primarily because of having a wireless connection to the internet for both my desktop and laptop computers.

       My wireless phones were also sources of high exposure. As a result, I switched everything to direct cable internet connections which greatly reduced the EMFs and switched over to land-line phones.

       One of the electrical outlets in my bedroom was also generating high EMFs, so consequently that circuit was switched off. Other locations in the house had significantly lower EMFs, so little needed to be done in those areas. What was surprising to me was the amount of EMFs coming from my neighbor's house that I was exposed to in my home.

       One of the electrical outlets in my bedroom was also generating high EMFs, so consequently that circuit was switched off. Other locations in the house had significantly lower EMFs, so little needed to be done in those areas. What was surprising to me was the amount of EMFs coming from my neighbor's house that I was exposed to in my home.

                                                                                                             —David Gubernick

                                                                                                                Carmel Valley, California


       I HIRED Tony Keppelman to assess the level of EMFs in my house, and I am glad I did. Unlike many people who have become ill from radiation exposure, I'm not ill, but I want to remain healthy, so knowing the details of what affects my health and that of my family is a step I actively take. In addition to eating healthy, exercising, filtering water, I'd like to be able to adjust and minimize health risks if I can.

       Approximately two years ago PG&E installed a smart meter in my front yard, we have several computers with wi-fi, use our microwave on occasion, and also use our cell phones regularly. I wondered to what degree all that, individually and combined, was affecting each one of us, and Tony gave us lots of detailed answers.

       Tony came in with his various precision instruments and explained what he was measuring and what was considered safe levels of exposure. We measured EMFs in our bedrooms, living room, kitchen and even the bathrooms. He also measured each one of us to see how each body was picking up the energy that was flowing through our space. I learned a lot about what can affect me and how it can be adjusted, in simple, easy ways to minimize exposure and reduce adverse health effects.

       Tony was very knowledgeable, and took time to educate us, and also provided information on steps we could take to reduce health risks due to EMFs. It feels good to know where the hot spots are and, after making some changes, that our house is now safer. I would highly recommend Tony's service and making the small investment required for an assessment ­­-- it is really good to know.


                                                                                                                 Berkeley, California


       TONY KEPPELMAN has helped us to remedy several EMF problems in our house—smart meter, modem, telephones—and he even hard-wired our computer and router system so we are safe from wireless emissions. Our router has to be in our bedroom, and we have found we sleep much better now that its wireless component is not running 24/7. (We can still turn the wireless back on if we need it for iPads, etc.)

        Tony takes meticulous measurements with his instruments and then explains how to remedy the issues he finds. One thing I like about him is his attitude: he is very neutral about the findings, reminding one that this is just information, that we have choices, and we don't need to panic about it.

       He is also very skilled with mechanical things and can usually make the needed physical changes in the house to deflect the EMFs, for instance, designing metal tubes to redirect smart meter EMFs. He even measured my skin voltage from the everyday electrical devices (lamps, clocks, etc.) in my home office, and explained my options for changing this situation to bring down the unsafe level that he found. 

       Tony is very sincere, honest, and dedicated to his work. He is pleasant and reliable to work with. You can expect a great job from him!


                                                                                                                Berkeley, California

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